Read the Fundplat interview with Philippe A. Naegeli, CEO of GenTwo. He discusses how GenTwo’s solution allows investors to integrate unconventional assets into their portfolio and what advantages AMCs provide.

AMCs are innovative investment instruments that combine the advantages of traditional investment funds and classic investment certificates. With an AMC, an investment strategy can be implemented or adjusted extremely flexibly, transparently, and quickly. AMCs are comparatively cost-efficient product "wrappers" that allow investments in several different asset classes at lower investment amounts, compared to other instruments.  


GenTwo builds securitization platforms for banks, asset managers, family offices, or even venture capital investors. Our clients use those as a modern issuing solution to launch investment products with a Swiss ISIN on any kind of assets in the market. The solution works off-balance-sheet without the involvement of an issuing bank and has created an efficient way to integrate previously hard-to-access assets into conventional portfolios. 


Read the full interview in German

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