The LinkedIn Top Startups 2021 list shows which ten innovative young companies are among the most sought-after employers in Switzerland.

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Startups are an alternative to established companies for employees who like new ideas and innovations. The first ranking of the LinkedIn Top Startups in Switzerland reveals which of them could be especially interesting as employers. GenTwo is proud to be named one of the top ten startups of Switzerland!

Only companies that have been in existence for a maximum of seven years, have at least 30 employees, are privately owned, and have their headquarters in Switzerland were considered by LinkedIn. The final list included the top ten companies which were successful in 2021, attracted attention through investments, new hires, and increased member interest. 

Check out the whole list and find out which other companies next to GenTwo made it into the top ten.

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Noëlle Dettwyler

Trainee Marketing at GenTwo

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