The Client


Stableton’s Fintech platform is the leading next-generation marketplace for Alternative Investments.

The opportunity

Provide wider public access to alternative investments


Stableton is building the next generation managed marketplace for alternative investments (think Amazon of alternative investments).


They are connecting the whole ecosystem digitally, meaning across investors, providers, fintechs, and service providers in one marketplace. This makes it efficient for investors to find investments, and also efficient for providers to distribute their products.


"One of the problems that we were trying to solve is the fact that most private market investments or alternative investments are usually outside of a bank account. This means they're not bankable."

The solution

Securitize private market investments and make them bankable


Stableton securitized their private market investments to make them bookable, bankable, and accessible to a wider public.


The marketplace covers a whole spectrum of alternative assets such as liquid alternative, private debt, digital assets, or venture capital.


"With all these investments, what we want to make sure is that they are bankable and accessible for the wider public, not just the very sophisticated top institutional investors - to accomplish this, we need securitization."

The result

Broaden access to alternative investments


GenTwo's Actively Managed Certificate (AMC) helped Stableton broaden public access to attractive alternative assets via their marketplace.


This made it easier for qualified investors to invest in unique and difficult to get by investments.


"Global value creation is happening more and more outside of traditional markets but these markets are usually not accessible for the majority of investors. We see a big demand on the private wealth management side and also from individuals, to be able to participate in private markets."

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